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It's Simply Showtime

Hey everyone, I am so excited to announce my new album 'It's Simply Showtime' is now available to download for free.


This album is a beautiful collection of some well-known songs and some not so well known ones from the world of theatre.


For a long time, I’ve wanted to take a selection of my favorite “show” songs and do them in my way, somehow. (This list was massive, but these ten won for this album) The lyrics for all of the songs really resonate with me and some of the journeys I’ve been on.

This album was intended to be released in August to celebrate my 13 years of sobriety, but procrastination and a “no rush” approach mean I’m bringing it to you now. Lols…

I really hope you enjoy!!!

Ian xx


Ps. I’m not “charging” for the download of the album on here. However, if you’d like to make a contribution towards future projects and “Leave a tip” feel free to send it via on PayPal.

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